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UpScale your business by achieving more while doing less with the help of our talented virtual assistants. 


UpScale Virtual Assistant Agency is a US-based company located in North Carolina that provides highly skilled and well-trained Virtual Assistants from the Philippines.

Our mission is to provide the talented Virtual Assistants that suits our client needs so they can focus on what they do best.


We connect Virtual Assistants to busy CEOs and Entrepreneurs giving them they need to scale their business.

Most virtual assistant companies act as middlemen between virtual assistants and their clients. Here at UpScale Virtual Assistant Agency, we do not act as middlemen. Instead, we are a placement medium.

We recruit virtual assistants suited to your qualifications and personalities. They are all pre-vetted to make sure that they understand your needs and how they can assist you best

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Grow your business by delegating the tedious tasks to your UpScale VA. Focus on your zone of genius and get ready to UpScale your business.


Stop paying for expensive local staff and save with our highly skilled and trained UpScale VAs. 


UpScale Virtual Assistant Agency VAs can free you up and take the lower-value tasks that waste your time so you can focus on what you do best.


You cannot work on all the tasks yourself. Hence, an EXTRA HAND
on projects is essential to your business’s growth.

Having a virtual assistant might come in handy as CEOs and
entrepreneurs handle several crucial tasks like:


  • Operations manager is responsible for overseeing all aspects of a company's day-to-day operations. An operations manager depending on the size of your company will either report directly to the owner/CEO/managing director, or they’ll work under a COO.

  • ✅ Email Management

  • ✅ Booking appointments with clients

  • ✅  Following up with clients/customers

  • ✅  Calendar Management
    ✅  Research

  • ✅  Hotel and Flight Booking

  • ✅  Manage and update Social Media Accounts

  • ✅ Participating in discussion forums or message boards 

  • ✅ Team and Project Management

  • ✅ Overseeing business processes and sytems


Our finance VA knowledgeable in handling accounting, bookkeeping and payroll management.

The accounting and bookkeeping services from a virtual finance assistant can help you with payroll. You’ll no longer have to spend time running payroll reports or entering transactions into QuickBooks.

✅ Quickbooks accounting

✅ Bookkeeping

✅ Payroll management


  • Responsible in nurturing leads and potential clients.

  • ✅Lead Generation

  • ✅ Lead Calling

  • ✅ Appointment Setting

  • ✅ Pre-Qualification of Seller /

  • ✅ Buyer / FSBO / Expired Leads

  • ✅ Scripting

  • ✅ Circle Prospecting

  • ✅ Skip Tracing


  • Responsible in handling your social media channels help you increase your social media visibility.

  • ✅ Social media management

  • ✅ Content creation

  • ✅ Graphic Design

  • ✅ Creating profiles on social media

  • ✅  Developing material and images that are consistent with the brand

  • ✅ Posting scheduling and management

  • ✅ Curating material and image sources

  • ✅ Replying to messages

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Contract Signing and VA Interview Process Begins

We will match you with prequalified, pre-screened, pre-trained candidates. Choose who’s best for you.



Your dedicated virtual team member is ready to integrate directly into your team.


Standard $2500

Reclaim more hours in your week. Perfect for someone who's still trying to figure out everything on how to delegate their repetitive tasks to a VA.

VA and Client DISC Assessment is included to make sure that your personality would match the VA's skills and personality too.

1 Virtual Assistant

30-60-90 Days VA Performance Review

30-Day Support from the UpScale VA Team

Bi-Weekly Call with Brock and UpScale VA Team

VA & Client Disc Personality Assessment

Premium $4000

Reclaim more hours and get efficient with your time by hiring a VA and have yourself guided on how to use your free hours to level up your business.

Everything in the Standard Package

30-60-90 Days VA Performance Review

60-Day Support from the UpScale VA Team

Efficiency of Time Coaching with Brock.

Elite $5500

This Elite Package is perfect is you want to gear yourself up and your business to success through our Virtual Assistant matching, Marketing and Coaching Services to build a solid foundation of your business.

Includes everything in the Standard and Premium Package.

30-60-90 Days VA Performance Review

90-Day  Support from the UpScale VA Team

Systems and Process Building with the UpScale Concierge.

30-Day Social Media Content with Akhimi

30-Day Social Media Management


UpScale Virtual Assistant Agency provides you with well experienced VAs to help you with your day-to-day tasks without sacrificing quality or service so you can focus on what matters the most-growing your business!  

Stop trying to do it all on your own. 

Stop wasting your valuable time doing the busy work.  

UpScale VA is here to help your business grow at its full potential without any worries or stress from the things that are weighing you down.

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